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Simply drag and drop, Tapday makes it that easy.

Push Notifications

Cut that massive ad spent, and maximize your ROI.

In-App Chat

Reach customers swiftly and increase retention.

Design Editor

Leave a solid first impression with your own custom design.

Themes and layouts

Let your creativity run wild with unlimited combinations of themes and layout.

One-Click Checkout

Convert your audience into repeat buyers, with hassle-free checkouts.

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Simplicity is at the core of Tapday’s exceptional features

No Code Builder

We understand how tedious development can be. Tapday is an intuitive no-code app builder, enabling easy mobile and web app creation. Its drag-and-drop interface, pre-made templates, and automation tools empower users without coding expertise.

Push Notifications

Capturing your user's attention shouldn't break the bank. Tapday revolutionizes your marketing strategy by providing automated push notifications, ensuring your brand is the first thing your audience sees when they reach for their phones.

In App Chat

Sometimes your customers are confused about what to buy, well, not anymore. Tap into automated responses for FAQs and engage with your buyers directly through live chat—all managed seamlessly from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Design Editor

Design your mobile app exactly how you want with Tapday'seasy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. With user-friendly no-code app builder, creatingmobile and web apps is effortless. Its automation capabilities, templates, expandablecustomization possibilities and drag-and-drop interface enable users to saveimportant time without any coding skills.

App Analytics

See how your mobile app affects the top-line growth of your company. A breakdown of your app's income stream, including revenue and volume of orders, order resources, and promo code performance, is provided via revenue reporting. To support effective mobile app initiatives, data may be easily filtered, customized, and compared.

Tapday features for customer retention

Themes and Layouts

You and your audience are unique, and your custom mobile app should be too. Choose from a diverse selection of 40+ available themes and layouts, or design your own with our intuitive drag and drop builder. Show off your coding skills by seamlessly integrating custom design blocks.

Secure One Tap Checkout

Boost mobile conversions by up to 5x with our streamlined checkout process. Seamlessly integrate with over 10 payment methods, allowing your customers the convenience of paying with their preferred option in just one tap. Tapday makes it that easy.

Create Custom App

Go beyond and create your own custom apps within our Tapday Studio. Start from a custom block, and code in your preferred stack.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Increase customer retention and repeat buyers with automated abandoned cart recovery mails. Choose from one of the available email templates or design your own from scratch. Leverage our advanced analytics to gain insights into why customers abandon their carts, empowering you to enhance their experience and drive conversions.

Tapday Integrations and Customer Engagement

Shopify app Integrations

Maximize your sales and customer retention by leveraging the functionality of third party and native Shopify apps. Choose from 30+ integrations to get the most out of your custom mobile app.

Optimized Store Search

Enhance the search functionality by provideusers with a more efficient and effective way to find products or information. Suchas, autocomplete suggestions, filters, and relevant search results. It mayimprove the user experience and increase the possibility that consumers will findwhat they are looking for, resulting in more engagement and more purchases.

Product Reviews

Promote transparency and build trust with your buyers by displaying authentic and verified reviews of your products. Real feedback from satisfied buyers also help drive more sales.

Loyality & Rewards

Maximize your sales and customer retention by leveraging the functionality of third party and native Shopify apps. Choose from 30+ integrations to get the most out of your custom mobile app.

Marketing & Sales

Launch a brand-new, all-in-one sales and marketing channel designed for interaction. Utilize Tapday's built-in push notifications to craft customized messages that will appear as real-time alerts on your clients' lock screens and generate instant traffic.

Tapday Brand Content and Product Badges

Brand Content

Create meaningful connections with your buyers by showcasing relevant brand content and captivating graphics. Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder empowers you to design a compelling and immersive user experience within your custom mobile app. By delivering a seamless journey tailored to your audience's preferences, you'll not only drive sales but also enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Product Badges

Elevate your marketing efforts with customizable and prominent product badges, announcing sales, discounts, and new product launches. Select from a variety of available badges and strategically apply them to your products. Our automated badge system ensures that your customers can easily identify new arrivals and top-selling products, enhancing their shopping experience.

Customer Accounts

Give your customers complete control over their orders, subscriptions, and payment methods directly from your mobile app. With intuitive navigation, they can effortlessly access their past orders, reorder their favorite items, and manage account details like passwords and personal information with ease.

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